HISTORY2 graver dybere i historien og dykker ned i en verden af videnskab, militærhistorie, myter, gamle kulturer og den moderne historie. Vi udforsker, undersøger og stiller spørgsmål, og H2 giver dig alt det, du ikke vidste om verden omkring os.

Ancient Aliens

The Tesla Experiment

Mystery Pickers

Weapons Of Mass Deduction

In Search Of Aliens

The Roswell Rock


Death of the Japanese Navy

Ancient Aliens

Alien Encounters

Lost Worlds

Braveheart's Scotland

Cryptid: The Swamp Beast

We're the Hunted


Hell Over Hanoi

Ancient Aliens

The God Particle

Digging for the Truth

America's Pyramids

Battlefield Detectives

The Civil War - Antietam


Dogfights of the Middle East

Ancient Aliens

The Mayan Conspiracy


Devil's Triangle

Mummy Forensics

The Sealed Coffin


Hunt for the Bismarck

The Hunt for Baltic Gold

Digging for the Truth

Nefertiti: The Mummy Returns

Private Lives

Private Lives of the European Monarchs

Jurassic Fight Club

T-Rex Hunter

Nostradamus Effect

Satan's Army

Chasing Mummies


Chasing Mummies


Knight Fight

Romans vs Barbarians

Ancient Aliens

The Doomsday Prophecies

Jurassic Fight Club

Gang Killers

Fifth Gear


Long Odds